Introducing ArrowBD – The Complete Government Contracting Solution


It’s finally here, and tailored for small business government contractors! A complete contract opportunity solution, ArrowBD matches the most current contracting opportunities to your specific niche. One simple, easy-to-read weekly email, and access to your own, well-seasoned Account Analyst, will allow you to feel confident that you will never miss that next big opportunity. Because ArrowBD is backed by the experts at Arrowhead Soltuions, LLC you can be sure that your spending your BD budget intelligently.

Simple. Easy. Opportunity. 

With ArrowBD, you can spend your resources and time on the pursuit of the opportunity itself, or in many cases, opportunities, highlighted by your ArrowBD report (AKA: “push”). You no longer have to spend hours looking through multiple search agents and opportunity tracking sites. We take the burden completely away, and present you with one email, once a week. This removes all the inbox-clutter from daily tracking agents that return results not typically fit for your business. The opportunities received in your weekly ArrowBD “push” are hand-picked by a designated Account Analyst, so you can rest assured that they are a “perfect fit” for your company. The Account Analyst will set up your subscription after just one quick phone call; then, you pick the date on which to receive your opportunities in your inbox in one, clean PDF. We can track based upon NAICS codes, keywords, departments with which you wish to work, and even help you with teaming efforts.

ArrowBD also sets itself apart from other government opportunity search applications currently on the market due to is unique customization options and affordability. The Foundation package (the base: opportunity, news, and events package) can be tailored to add market analysis, capabilities statement creation, the management of other search platforms, custom insights/advice, and more. See the Pricing page for more information on customization options.

ArrowBD was developed out of necessity. Often times, small businesses lack the BD budget of their much larger competitors. How can you get ahead of the competition when you’re going against a large company with a dedicated BD department or assigned contract analyst? Access to your own Account Analyst is included with a subscription of ArrowBD. Don’t worry about waiting to hear back from an “automated” or generic email address that may have more than one person answering when you have time-sensitive questions. With ArrowBD, you can be sure that a seasoned professional is providing you with relevant, accurate information – fast.

News and information are the key to remaining “in the know” when it comes to new opportunities; especially as we move into the fast-paced end of Q4 of 2013. There are sure to be, and have been, many contracts up for grabs. Even with sequestration, the government still plans on spending relevant amounts on small business set-aside projects. With ArrowBD, you can be sure that you are always on top of these new opportunities. Industry day notices, sources sought, requests-for-information (RFIs) – all are delivered in your weekly ArrowBD report when announced.

More questions? We’ve prepared some FAQs – make the right decision – enlist in ArrowBD and feel confident in your pursuit. Feel free to contact us, as well, if you have any other questions related to ArrowBD, or any questions about Arrowhead Solutions full suite of government contract services.

GTSI – Example or just first in line?

With the news breaking last week that the SBA had suspended GTSI from winning future contracts, the buzz about the industry is one of shock, confusion, and unanswered questions. “Can’t believe that a big prime was suspended?”  “How did GTSI let this happen?” “Will they prevail in challenging the suspension?”  And most of all I’m hearing, “Will they go after other big primes next?”

The last question is the biggest question mark out there.  The practice of big defense contractor primes being a subcontractor to a small business is common practice.  You’ll see a solicitation out there for a huge IDIQ contract that would be a challenge for a large business to prime; yet it is a total small business set-aside.  I’m all for the set-asides.  Set asides allow innovation and efficiencies to thrive.  Small businesses deserve opportunities to pass these benefits on to the government and diversify the supply of goods and services to the federal government.

Buy why set aside such a huge purchase requests to small businesses that don’t have the resources to prime?  A big prime gets wind of a huge set-aside and immediately starts calling around, “We’d like to be your subcontractor.”  In GTSI’s case, they did this and then went further, by essentially using the small business as just a name. Pretending GTSI employees are the small business employees and performing essentially all the work on the contract.

Situations where a large business is a sub can often turn into a situation where small business money is being passed through the small business and ultimately just going to a large business. What’s the point of the set-aside then?  Yes, the small business gets the points for past performance and credit for the dollars, but does it fulfill the intention of what the set-aside what meant to do?  That is, to promote small businesses? If an agency wants the services of what only a large business can provide then they need to go to large business, yet promote and FOLLOW THROUGH on small business subcontracting requirements.

Other, obvious, large defense primes may be getting some sweaty palms right now.  Would love to be a fly on the wall in those offices.  This scheme is a money maker for big primes. They get their foot in the door regardless of set-asides, was GTSI just the first to have the hammer fall on them? Or, will the other big primes stay safe?