What does 2011 look like for big solicitations?

GFY 11 has a line up of what look to be some biggie solicitations according to the November 10th article by  Nick Wakeman on the Washington Technology website.  “20 hot contracts you can’t ignore” lists mainly IT-related contracts for the DoD.  From hardware, to software. From engineering support, to logistics services. IT and periphery services seem to be the focus for the new year’s solicitations.  Granted these won’t be awarded until 2012 at the earliest, but they provide quite a bit in the way of offering multiple awards, combinations of requirements (thus opportunities for teaming), and  even a couple without an incumbent.

The Army seems to be a big client in this new GFY by making the list with 7 of the 20.  In not so close second is NASA with 3.   I have to say I’m surprised by the lack of Air Force showing here – only 1? Perhaps my shock stems from the fact I used to be an Air Force civilian who released and awarded these types of contracts and I was trained in the mind set that the AF is king of acquisition.From what I’ve been seeing the past couple of years, this no longer seems to be true.  Even at the small $ level of the SBIR Program, where is the Air Force money?  They only released one set of topics last year and seem to be following the trend again this year.  This, from an agency you could always count on as having the most topics every single release of every year?

Also surprising is NASA – from what we hear on the news is that the budget is being cut, programs are disappearing, etc.  But here we are with three big and important solicitations slated for release in the next 12 months.

I like seeing the USPS, DHS, USAID and other non-DoD agencies having a good showing here too.  I highly  recommend taking a look at each of these 20 on your FBO and watching them.  Besides awaiting the big winners from last year’s huge solicitations, now we have the “excitement” of seeing what is headed our way.