creative contracting

Creative Acquisition

When I was working for the Air Force, I would hear the term Creative Contracting being dropped by my COs.  It was a way to get things done and it was a term used to urge the contracting folks on by our program people.  I think the descriptor “creative” is the best way to describe how to accomplish a complicated field.  Hence, the title of this blog.

I’ve been on both the buy and sell side of government contracting. Buying = Acquisition.  So today’s temporary blog title is “Creative Acquisition”.  When a Contracting Officer friend of mine at the DOE sent me an online news story about the DAU’s new gaming site that anyone can play at any time, I thought it was an e-mail joke circulating through the office.  This looks like something me and my fellow OSCAPS (we’ll leave the acronym undefined to protect the innocent) would have made up to combat boredom during that time of year everyone was on use or lose except for us.

But no, this is for real. DAU has a whole suite of games for us all to play whenever we want.  From Treasure Cheese to Acquisition Proposition to Ratner Racing.  I really don’t have the time during my day to play games, but too tempting.  Here is my report:

Operation Sticky Notes: Ratner must navigate through a myriad of obstacles and avoid pesky critters in an effort to help his student friends acquire the necessary skills/requirements needed to compete for the upcoming CAS (Cost Accounting Superstars) competition.

Ok – I learned that I have a lot of trouble jumping as a little rat.  The dusty blobs will shock me and did many times. I fell off desks.  And, I had trouble remembering what question I was trying to answer (you answer questions by picking up sticky notes) since I was attempting to survive. Did I learn anything beneficial? Yes. The real definition of Outlay.

My take?  I don’t have time this morning  to play this game to completion. But, I can see if I had found this game as an OSCAP back in the day I know how I would have spent all the days between Christmas and New Year’s at the office.  Truthfully, one can probably learn some from these games.  But I’m on the fence on the benefit to our acquisition community vs. the cost of implementation and assumed loss of productivity.

If you’d like to spend time you probably don’t have either, but can appreciate the creativity of Acquisition, go for it. Watch out, this stuff is addicting I’m told!