It’s That Time Again – The DCAA Contract Audit Manual Updates

Last year we had a post regarding those sections of the DCAA Contract Audit Manual (CAM) that were updated.  It seemed to be a helpful reminder to government contractors that the CAM is not a stagnant document and is also a helpful document in compliance.  

DCAA took another look again and the CAM has many sections updated recently.  It is always a good practice to have at least one person in your company be familiar with the current CAM.  Not the most exciting read in the world of course, but you could pick up on something critical to your success as a government contractor.  Here is a list of sections that have been updated already in 2012.

  • Chapter 3 – Audit Planning (2/21/12)
  • Chapter 6 – Incurred Costs Audit Procedures (2/17/12)
  • Chapter 7 – Selected Areas of Cost (2/10/12)
  • Chapter 8 – Cost Accounting Standards (2/23/12)
  • Chapter 9 – Audit of Cost Estimates and Price Proposals (2/17/12)
  • Chapter 10 – Preparation and Distribution of Audit Reports (3/2/12)
  • Chapter 14 – Other Contract Audit Assignments (3/6/12)
  • Chapter 15 – Other DCAA Functions (2/27/12)
  • Appendix B – Statistical Sampling Techniques (2/9/12)

(note that most of the remaining were updated in late 2011, so might as well read the entire thing!)


About Stephanie Amend

Stephanie is the Principal and CEO of Arrowhead Solutions, LLC, a solutions firm specializing in assisting established small businesses be successful government contractors.

One comment

  1. The Defense Contract Audit Agency provides financial services for the department of defense. In particular, the DCAA performs contract audits on the proposals submitted to the federal government. The common misunderstanding is that the DCAA is a regulatory body that seeks to legislate the accounting software systems of government contractors. This is far from the truth. The reality is that the DCAA is providing financial services for the federal government and assisting the Department of Defense in the negotiation and settlement of contracts. Having DCAA compliant accounting software is more about the practices used to construct contracts and pricing than having to satisfy governmental regulations.

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